The increase of interconnectivity and complexity in emerging Internet of Things (IoT) systems can make security unsustainable. With different services running on a shared infrastructure, the attack surface, i.e., how the systems can be attacked, may grow dramatically. Furthermore, with each service depending on a larger number of other services and systems, it becomes harder to make a service resilient; it could fail if a related system or device gets compromised.

Launched in 2016 at ADSC in Singapore, this project aims to develop foundational security-sustaining mechanisms for building trustworthy and resilient Internet of Things (IoT) systems, focusing on attack-surface reduction and distributed intelligence for anomaly detection. With the support and expertise of partners Silverline Mobile, MWR InfoSecurity, and the Institute for Infocomm Research, the project will maintain a strong connection to practical IoT systems and deployment considerations, while delivering high-impact research.

Pillars of CPS Security